When betting double odds, it’s best to start with two, rather than three, units, since no matter what point or come number shows on the dice, the player can put at least double his basic unit bet behind the line as an odds bet. In the case of a 6 or 8 most casinos allow five units to be bet as an odds wager if the underlying bet is for two units.

If the original or underlying bet is four units, then up to ten units can be bet as an odds wager on the 6 and 8. The basic structure of the 6 and 8 odds is five units for every line or come bet of two units.

When increasing bets after wins with double odds, raise the bets from two to four units and then by two units there after as points and come numbers repeat.

The same system is used for double odds as was shown for single odds. Make one pass-line bet, and then establish two come bets. Make enough come bets so that two are always working and then stop betting until a come bet repeats or the point is made. Thereafter, increase the bets.

Ten Times Odds

At the present time, ten times odds is allowed at only one casino, Benny Binion’s Horseshoe Club in downtown Las Vegas . Let’s hope it spreads to other casinos throughout the country, but I doubt it. But while it’s at the Horseshoe, serious craps players would do well to test out their tables.

With ten times odds, what we want to do is bet those odds with each situation. We start with two units and bet ten times odds, then make two come bets and take ten times odds. Suppose we simply bet $2 on the pass line and $2 on each come point.